Preaching as Art


Louie Giglio
Louie Giglio shares his passion for the creative art of preaching as a reflection of our ultimate Creator. This is a Master Class on how to use words to paint a compelling vision of life with Jesus, while also emphasizing the critical role of the Holy Spirit to give meaning and power to any preaching work.

The Art of Making It Simple Without Dumbing It Down


Craig Groeschel
Craig Groeschel explains the art of preaching clearly and concisely without losing depth. In this Master Class he highlights four ways to craft a clear and compelling message: make it practical, personal, memorable, and emotional.

The Art of Preaching the Faithfulness of God


Priscilla Shirer
Priscilla Shirer shares the key to preach the faithfulness of God is to remember and reflect on how God has been faithful in our own lives. In this Master Class, she teaches from 1 John 2 to encourage us to run the race well and share God's good character in every season of life.

Crafting a Sermon


Ben Stuart
Tim Timberlake
Ben Stuart and Tim Timberlake share practical strategies and advice around the process of preparing and writing sermons. They cover a variety of topics such as planning a sermon series, Bible study methods, and the process of writing, editing, and delivering a message.

Increasing Theological and Biblical Literacy


Matt Chandler
Matt Chandler discusses how to increases theological and biblical literacy in his local Church.
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